Boleto Bancario (Brazilian Customers)

We are excited to finally offer our Brazlian customers an alternative form of payment!

This new form of payment is called Boleto Bancario. It is a cash payment method regulated by the Brazilian Federation of Banks. Boleto is generally considered a secure payment option, especially for consumers who are unbanked or who do not wish to release their credit card details online.

Customers who do not have a Boleto account may still pay via the Boleto payment method. Customers are, however, required to enter their birthdate, as well as a valid 11-digit Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas number (“CPF number”), which is a unique tax identifier for residents of Brazil.

On the voucher that the customer receives after checking out, there is printed text stating that the Boleto voucher will expire after 3 days. In the case that the shopper pays after this time period, GoInterpay works with the processor to refund the shopper. 

Here is an example of what a Boleto voucher may look like-


Below is a flow chart that simplifies the Boleto process-



Be sure to input your information in the correct format otherwise payment will not be accepted. Here is an example of the checkout page:




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