Can I change my shipping address?

If your order is still showing an "Unfulfilled" status, there is a chance we will be able to update your address before your order is shipped! Please email us as soon as possible with the correct address you would like your order to be shipped to. Please be sure to Title your email request as "Address Update" or "Incorrect Address

If you are changing your address from a domestic address to an international address, we will need to charge the difference of shipping prices before your order can be shipped.

If your order is already marked as "Fulfilled", unfortunately, this means that your order has already been shipped to the original location you provided. We would recommend that you call USPS and provide them with your tracking information so that they can locate your package. If your package has not already been marked as delivered, they should still be able to forward/ reroute your package to the new/corrected address that you provide them.


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    Oliviia Butler

    I need the Adress Changed to 901 Joseph E Lowery Blbd 30314 Atlanta Georgia. Thanks

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    BreAnna Hernandez

    Incor9 address i been waiting for my package and been charged but never received my stuff so i need to fix the address so that i can receive the stuff i done charged to my card