Currency Exchange (International Customers)

Keep in mind that if you are from a country other than the USA, you will experience a currency exchange between the US Dollar and your country's currency after the order has been placed.

We suggest using a Currency Calculator for all of our International customers in order to determine the actual cost of your order in your country's currency.

  • To use the Currency Calculator, please click HERE. Enter your order total in the box next to US Dollar and the find your country in the drop down menu below US Dollar. Once you switch the country, it will then calculate the currency exchange rate for you so that you are able to see how much will be taken from your bank account. 

Please understand that your order total will ultimately be given to you in US Dollars because that is the currency of our country where our company is based. However, when the money is taken from your account, it will be in the amount of your country's currency.


Thank you so much! We <3 our international customers!


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