What if my package is marked as delivered, but I didn't receive it?

Oh no! This is never an ideal situation for any customer and we always try to do our best in assisting our customers to locate their goodies.
Occasionally postal employees will mark a parcel as delivered while the package is still on their truck. On some occasions, the package can even be delivered up to 2 days after the package is marked "delivered" on the tracking website! 
Should your package be marked as delivered but you have not received it, please contact your local post office and inquire further to the whereabouts of your parcel.
Because the postal service has marked your package as “delivered”, they have taken responsibility for the delivered goods at your address and it is their responsibility to also locate the goods if they are missing. If your local post office branch cannot offer any explanation on where your package is, you should pursue filing a claim with the postal service - either at the branch from which your package was last scanned or online. 
Miss A will be unable to offer compensation for most orders that are missing after the postal service has marked the goods as delivered.
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