What if my package is marked as delivered, but I didn't receive it?

Oh no! This is never an ideal situation for any customer and we always try to do our best in assisting our customers to locate their goodies.
Occasionally postal employees will mark a parcel as delivered while the package is still on their truck. On some occasions, the package can even be delivered up to 2 days after the package is marked "delivered" on the tracking website! 
Please also beware that mail thieves do take advantage of any opportunity they can. If you are worried that your package may get stolen, sometimes it is best to have your packages held at the Post Office. This can usually be requested by simply calling your local postal office and providing them with your name and address.
Once your package is marked as delivered by USPS, Miss A is no longer held responsible for any lost, stolen, or missing goods.
You may be able to call your local Post Office or ask your specific Postal Carrier where they remember dropping off your package, however there is no guarantee that they will be able to provide you with any information. You may also email our Customer Advocate Team at for further guidance/recommendations on the best possible way to help locate your package. Our team will do their best in helping make sure you end up a happy customer!
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    Priyanka Yerragunta

    Package missing

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    Thank you for taking the time to bring this to our attention. I'd like to redirect you to our customer service desk, and you can have an agent help you through your inquiry.