Why is my tracking number "Not Found" ?

You may have experienced a minor error within the USPS or DHL websites if you checked your tracking number immediately after you received the shipping confirmation email from us! Reason for this being that these postal carriers have not had the chance to scan your package into their first processing facility for sorting yet! 

No need to worry though! Once your package has been checked in (Usually within 24-48 hours of your shipping confirmation email has been sent), you should see movement with the updates for your package. 

Be sure to check on your shipment frequently to make sure that there are no complications or notifications of return for your package. If you do experience any delays with your shipment, or notice that for some reason your package is being shipped back to us, we recommend contacting your local postal office first. By doing so, you may be able to have your package forwarded to the correct address or held at the postal office for you to pick up!

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