Third Party Courier Services

Want to use a third party carrier service within the US to have your package shipped to your country? There are a few things you need to know first!

Typically we do not recommend using any Third Party Courier Service. Once your package has been marked as delivered at the Courier Address you provided, we are no longer responsible for any damaged, lost, or stolen items/packages.

Any claims placed for packages that are marked as delivered will be redirected to speak with the Third Courier Service that the package was shipped to. 

If you are using a Third Party Service you, the customer, are responsible for providing Miss A with the correct and complete address including the ste/apt # (if applicable) and the correct country. If your package is to become lost in transit or it is delivered incorrectly, please understand that Miss A is not responsible.

If you have inserted the incorrect address for your package and your package becomes lost, Miss A is not held responsible. If your package shows that it is being returned, our Returns Department will reach out to you when it is received in our warehouse to offer you partial credit or refund. 

We do want all of our wonderful international customers to be able to order from us; however, please understand the risks that come with using Third Party Courier Services. 



Miss A Team



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