Arrival in Country Status

If you are an International customer, please understand that you will be provided with limited tracking information. Typically, we state that international orders will arrive to their location within 7-27 business days (excluding holidays, weekends, customs delays, weather delays, etc.) however, this delivery period is not guaranteed. Often times, international orders are randomly stopped within their country's Customs Facility in order to be checked which may ultimately cause delivery delays. 

Because each country is different, some customers experience longer transit times. The range listed above is the average amount of time it takes for our international customers to receive their packages worldwide. 

When tracking your package via DHL, you will see tracking updates until your package is handed off to your country's postal service. Once your package has been marked "ARRIVAL IN DESTINATION COUNTRY," Miss A is no longer responsible for your package whether it be damaged, stolen, lost, or missing

For any customers wanting to place a claim for a lost, stolen, or completely damaged package after their order has arrived within the destination country, we recommend that you reach out to your country's Postal Service for further information. When reaching out, make sure to provide them with your converted international tracking number which typically starts as follows- "UM####..". Please refer to the picture below for further instructions on locating the converted tracking number.


**We do not issue any refunds for customs fees, shipping, or the cost of your order should you refuse to pay the customs fees. However, if your refused package is returned back to our facility, we will allow a one time exception for your order to be refunded. Shipping cost are non-refundable.**


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