Processing/Delivery Times

Standard Shipping
1-3 Business Day Processing + 8-14 Business Days to Arrive in Country + 2 Weeks for Delivery
**The above times are not guaranteed. An international package could experience delays for multiple reasons causing a package to be delivered outside of the typical timeframe. 

Express Shipping
Next Business Day Processing + 2-3 Business Days for Delivery

If your order has not shipped within the typical time frame, this could mean-
  • Your order is on hold, and we have sent you an email requesting Payment and/or Address Verification. Check your inbox, as well as your Spam folder, to make sure you have not missed an email from us.
  • We are processing a higher amount of orders as a result of new product launches, exciting promotions, or holiday/peak seasons. We know how much you all love a good deal, so hang in there during busy periods!

**If you experience delays after your package has shipped, please be sure to attempt contacting your local postal office and customs department first.

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